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About Us

For the Love of Ice Cream


If you really want to know more about us, then keep reading!


Dream Cream is a family business but mostly it was a family dream. Ice cream has always been a bonding experience for us, having it as a treat on Sundays, going to gelaterias after a busy day to enjoy some good gelato together, Googling “ice cream near me” whenever on holiday etc. 


Therefore, ice cream runs in our veins! However, in our neighbourhood we didn’t have any proper gelato nearby and we thought why don’t we open our own gelateria? (finally free ice cream for us!) 

And so be it! We started brainstorming everything from the name, logo, flavours, interior and obviously the most boring part, logistics. We sat down and after hours and days and months of planning, Dream Cream emerged! *proudly smiles*


Dream Cream the name ( yes, the idea behind it was dream team, but cream because of ice-cream, you get the drill). The interiors and exteriors was one of the main things to discuss into detail. We wanted something BOLD. Something different. Something so Pinterest-worthy that everybody would want to take a picture of. And we pretty much did it in no time! Everybody loves the pink aesthetic ( yes even men! ).

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